"mont blanc" project


"Mont Blanc" project





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On September 8, 2009 in exactly at 17 hours GMT injured in an accident in the Alps climber Yvan Kojhuharov and an incredible team of friends consisting of some of the best Bulgaria's climbers went along  highest peak in Western Europe - Mont Blanc ( 4'810 m asl )


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 Unique venture, united efforts of an incredible team around one exceptional person.


The Story 

petit_dru.jpgAugust 1, 1990, Petit Dru, American Diretisima

In 1990, when climbing in the Alps a group of Bulgarian mountaineers climbing the west face of Mount Petit-Drew falls into huge rocks. One participant was badly hit and then in a wheelchair. Several years after this event along with his friends and fellow climbers, he again returns to the mountains:

2000 Malyovitsa (2'729 m)

2000 Vihren (2'914 m)

2003, a new challenge - paragliding flight

2004, climbing 140-meters vertical wall in Rila mountain

September 23, 2007, climbing Mont Blanc de Tacul (4'248 m)

in January 2009: climbing the highest peak in Bulgaria and Balkan Peninsula Musala (2'925 m) with bivouac in the open


                                      The Aim

In a wheelchair climbing the highest peak the Alps, Mont Blanc (4'810 m) with the help of a team of friends alpinists.


The Challenge

In a wheelchair climbing Mont Blanc.. Leaving the difficulties and dangers, heavy ascent and descent of more than 1'500 m altitude displacement in a complicated and difficult terrain, the cold, wind and everything else in this challenge there is something symbolic: reaching the highest peak in the Alps by man suffered from these same mountains.

To realize this project we will have to give everything again. But basically this challenge there is something else.

These are the shared efforts and shared risk, solidarity, tense moments, the full rental and mostly dedicated to engaging the whole of the team to achieve an almost impossible goal.


- to have the courage to dream,

- to have the courage to set high goals and face to face with difficulties and challenges,

- to be dealt face up in the pursuit and attainment of goals,

- to share the efforts, the risk and the difficulties, 

- the strength and motivation of a team based on friendship, solidarity and especially on the shared values and goals.



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