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If your business is collated tourism, sports and activities practiced in the mountains, managing a hotel or accommodation falling within the range of maps, sporting goods trade or specialized equipment for mountain sports, your business is to set the real estate or in any way connected with activities in the region on the map be sure to familiarize yourself with the options, prices and discounts for advertising.


The nature of the activity and most importantly - the profile of our Clients makes printed maps and web site exceptionally appropriate place to publish your advertising materials.


print editions of the maps

The dimensions are in accordance with the appropriate format of the maps. Opportunities and prices for the publication of advertisements on the pages of printed editions of the maps are as follows:

- square with dimensions 12 / 11 cm., half page - 350 BGN
- square with dimensions 12 / 22 сm. - full page - 500 BGN
                                    ( fixed position +15 %: creating advertising square +20 % )

- logo inside the map  2 / 1 cm. max. dimension - 350 BGN
- front page logo 6,5 / 2,5 cm. max. dimension - 850 BGN




options for publishing ads on site www.iskartour . com is threefold:
- right column - banner size 235 / 100 px
- right column - banner size 235 / 200 px
- basis - banner size 650 / 80 px


 the methods for display are two:


- static - means that your banner will appear on every page and will be permanently visible.


- dynamic - means that your banner will appear on every page, the same position and will be visible within 5 seconds along with another banner, but not more than 4 in number. After complete rotation the included banners on this item animation continues again. The arrangement of banners is a constant such as banners, which started in animation at every recharge is arbitrary.



  right column - 235/100 рх

  right column - 235/200 рх

    basis - 680 / 90     рх









    499 BGN

    399 BGN

   649 BGN

   549 BGN

   549 BGN

449 BGN

6 monts

    799 BGN

    699 BGN

   949 BGN

   849 BGN

   849 BGN

749 BGN

1 year


Supported formats: jpeg, png, swf, gif size no greater than 70 KB.



Here you can keep up with the visits in the site with detailed information for analyisis:


Deferred payment:

- 2 equal installments - + 7%

- 4 equal installments - + 12%

discount system


2 advertising position* - 30% discount
3 or 4 advertising position* - 40% discount
5 to 7 advertising position* - 50% discount
7 or more advertising position* - 55% discount

Note: * Include all print editions of Iskar tour and published ads at the website


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Ski Mo Race Pirin

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

print edition 

Rila northwest map

print edition 

map Pirin north 25000

print edition 

map Pirin southern

print edition 

map ''Central and eastern Rila''

print edition 

map Vitosha & Verila 25000